The vast majority of the people in the world today have never
heard about the Plan of God. God has put into place a 7,000-year
Master Plan, which began at the re-creation of the earth, almost
6,000 years ago. This plan is pictured in type by the seven-day
week. Genesis 1:3-31 shows us that God re-created the earth in six
days and then created the seventh-day Sabbath by resting on it
(Gen. 2:2-3). God is allowing man to work six days (six thousand
years), followed with the seventh-day rest (a 1,000-year Sabbath

The apostle Peter wrote, “
With the Lord one day is as a thousand
years, and a thousand years as one day
” (II Pet. 3:8, NKJV). No
doubt, he understood that the seven-day week pictured the 7,000-
year plan of God. Paul also had this in mind when he instructed
that the seventh day of the week pictures the millennial rule of
Christ that will follow this present evil age of human misrule (Heb.
4:3-11). This “day” will occur after Christ’s intervention and it will
last a thousand years (Rev. 20:1-4). References to this principle are
also found in Psalms 90:4 and Hosea 6:2.

The seventh day of the week symbolizes the 1,000-year rulership
of Jesus Christ; thus, the first six days of the week picture 6,000
years of man governing himself to work out his own ideas and
plans. Each day of the week represents a 1,000-year period.

Historical records indicate that almost 6,000 years have elapsed
since the re-creation of the earth and almost 2,000 years since the
death of Jesus Christ. Man’s “week” is nearly over, and God’s
great “Sabbath” rest will soon be here.
6,000 Year Timeline, 7,000 Year Age