Known in North Korea’s media and military as ‘Dear Leader’, Kim Jong Il followed in his father’s footsteps to
become the leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea. In his early years, he fought for the support and admiration
of Workers’ Party. In the years before his rise to power in 1994 as ‘supreme leader’, he became chairman of the
National Defense Commission of North Korea, which solidified his role as the country’s new dictator, and he would
then be able to control the country’s military forces.

In the biography of Kim Jong Il, he tells that a swallow foretold his birth, that two rainbows formed, and that a new
star appeared in the heavens. Eccentricities such as building massive castles and houses, eating the most expensive
food, and watching American movies, have been used by the outside media to show the hypocrisy and bipolar
qualities of his personality.

Kim Jong Il received most of his education outside of North Korea, in China, Russia, and even attended the
University of Malta to learn English. Additionally, during his father’s reign, he served abroad in Europe as a diplomat
and attaché. As he climbed the ranks, he was appointed as the Director of Propaganda and Agitation, which has
helped him control and manipulate his people.

Jong Il then became the ruler of the Sixth Party Congress and was getting favorable media attention throughout the
country thanks to his aforementioned tactics. Even before his father stopped ruling in 1994, Kim Jong Il took
command of the military. The prime minister, a democratically elected official, was removed from his post and in
1992, Jong Il’s son was put in charge of the entire country’s internal affairs.

Kim Jong Il does not tolerate any form of slander directed at him or his policies from his ministers or appointed
officials. He has become a ruthless leader and has recently removed North Korea’s international nuclear agreements
so that he can develop his own nuclear power. In 2006, he successfully detonated the country’s first nuclear weapon
at an undisclosed secret location.
Biography of Kim Jong-Il