Dr. Solana was born in 1942, in Madrid, Spain. He was flamboyant and bright student, he acquired a
Doctorate in Physics and had studied in several universities in USA. He was a professor at Madrid
Complutense University and subject was Solid-State Physics, than he entered into politics. Before joining
Madrid Complutense University he studied in El Pilar College. In 1964 Dr. Solana became the member of
Spanish Socialist Party. In 1977 he was elected a Member of Parliament.

Dr. Solana appointed as a Minister of Foreign Affairs for a Pro-NATO government in Madrid in July, 1992.
Within few days only when he appointed in his new work, immediately deployed Implementation Force (IFOR)
in Bosnia for the critical factors regarding Dayton Peace Agreement. On 24th March, Dr. Solana commanded
air attacks on civilian and military targets in both Kosovo and Serbia province and the decision of attacks was
not known to United Nation due to Russia's opposition. But Dr. Solana gave the valuable reasons of this
attacks which was only done with the intention of peace in European region.. He resigned NATO on October
1999 and appointed as Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union.

Dr. Solana gone through with both praise and criticism when the issue of new powers outlined in the New
Constitution. He played an important role regarding unification of Yugoslavian federation. Ironically one of the
media once stated that the new country named "Solania". Solana's troublesome moment of his career was when
France and United Kingdom, having disagreement, while these two were the important EU Security Council
Members. Solana is well conversant with languages like French, Spanish and English. He is married and having
two children. He himself admitted that due to his work his family life has destructed.
Biography of Javier Solana